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Who knew that two guys who passed each other in the gym would one day work together to create something truly unique and impressive.  What is Swollen Nerd? That is a hard question to answer because Swollen Nerd is an entity that is forever changing, always evolving.  One thing we didn't want to do is place a label on our creation and limit its potential.

A big goal with Swollen Nerd is to make creative and amazing short films with the hope of one day creating a full-fledged movie.  One other goal of Swollen Nerd is to bring the fitness and "nerd" community together.  Someone who reads comics may also want to be like the physically fit characters they read about but might feel reluctant to go to a gym.  Perhaps they don't know how to use the equipment or don't feel like the individuals who go to the gym are completely different from them.  Many people who work out at the gyms are also into comics, anime, sci-fi, and other stuff considered nerdy.  Some may have started working out because of a cartoon or movie that influenced them to want to be muscular.    

Swollen Nerd is that middle ground between the two, where you can look like a beast but still act like a kid.



De'Marre "D Star" Hampton

Face of Swollen Nerd / Champion Bodybuilder / Talent Scout

This massive Goliath is the figure head and leader of the league of superheroes known as Swollen Nerd.  D Star with his scientific mind of bodybuilding and knowledge of nutrition, guides the members of swollen nerd to achieve their highest potential while constantly sculpting his own body and forging new powers. 



Richard "Silent Samurai" Basmayor jr.

Graphic Designer / Photographer / VFX Artist / Web Designer / Videographer

In the Shadows of Swollen Nerd lurks the Hero known as the Silent Samurai, creating the images and videos you see.  Little is known about this muted hero but his skill is unmatched and renowned through out the lands. 

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